Nicolas Mejia | creative director


President Trump threatened to remove federal funding to cities that protect immigrants known as sanctuary cities. This put Chicago, one of the most immigrant friendly cities, in the national spotlight and we needed an answer.

Unlike other sanctuary cities like Miami, we decided to take a stand for immigrant protection. Partnering with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, we created One Chicago. An initiative to rebrand our city as not just a sanctuary city but a welcoming city. Each of the stars on the Chicago flag represent a major milestone in our city’s history. This inspired us to create a new star to stand as our logo and celebrate being a city built by immigrants.

We gave immigrants from all over a platform to share their stories and featured them in TV, online and out of home across the city. We also designed customized stars for each neighborhood that citizens and business owners displayed to let others know they’re immigrant friendly.

30,000 immigrants found help and legal aid at

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